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Experience Next Generation  
Socket Wrench Technology


ZeroDrive  Gearless Socket Wrench

Because Performance Matters

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The highest performing gearless socket wrench with patented magnetic drive technology that results in immediate engagement, minimal back-drag, and an unforgettable feel.  


ZeroDrive   delivers superior durability, strength, and performance by using innovative design, highest quality materials, and the latest manufacturing technologies.


ZeroDrive for Professionals

The ZeroDrive   professional socket wrench is designed for the daily use of professional. ​​

  • Immediate engagement

  • High strength tool steel for strength and durability

  • All metal construction for exceptionally long life

  • MagDrive magnetic drive selection for smoother feel

  • Lifetime warranty through ZeroDrive   


ZeroDrive Features

How ZeroDrive Works

The ZeroDrive  wrench is designed utilizing a hexagonal inner cam/driver that is integral with the square socket drive.

The cam/driver is surrounded by six cylindrical rollers that are, in turn, enclosed by a hardened cylindrical race that is machined into the forged high quality tool steel handle.

Patented magnetic technology use magnets hold the selector in position and two snap rings retain all of the components in the pocket in the head of the handle.

The roller clutch design uses cam rollers in place of teeth to provide a ZeroDegree® swing arc, a ZeroDegree® back-drive, significantly longer tool lifetimes, and greater than ASME strength. ​

how it works

Cycle and Torque Test Results

ZeroDrive Cycle and Torque Test Results
ZeroDrive Gearless Socket Wrench used on Jet engine
ZeroDrive Gearless Socket Wrench used on oil rig

Minimum Proof Torque and Failure Torque Test Results 

ZeroDrive Proof and Failure Torque



•Cycle and Proof Torque testing per ASME B107.110-2012 on 1/4”, 3/8” & 1/2” drive ZeroDrive gearless socket wrenches.

•One ratchet of each size was cycle tested per paragraph 10-3.10 which includes proof torque testing after completion of cycle testing.

•Cycle testing was conducted by applying a repeating load at the midpoint of the grip section for each ratchet at a frequency of 1 Hz.

•After cycle testing the ratchets were subjected to Minimum Proof Torque testing and then loaded to failure.


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  • International payment options available.

  • Business customers, contact us for discounted pricing.

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ZeroDrive Warranty

ZeroDrive is covered by a full lifetime warranty when used properly.

Simply contact us and we will refund or replace.

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